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No More Recycling?

In November 2022 Green Owl Tech Recycling officially changed its name to Green Owl Tech! It may seem sudden to you, but for us it's been a long time coming. What does this mean you? Well, if you've used our services in the past, then nothing, and if you have not yet used our services, then it doesn't change much for you either.

We decided to take the word "Recycling" out of our name to open doors rather than to limit what we do for our clients. The truth is, in the "recycling" compartment of our business, we don't actually recycle anything. Rather we separate materials into recycling streams and then pack those materials to be shipped to appropriate responsible sustainable recyclers around the State of Florida.

One thing we learned during the Pandemic is that our clients, and companies like our clients, needed more help than ever before with the services we provide outside of electronics recycling. This included desktop decommissions, server room decommissions, logistics, IT asset dispositions, data destruction, and, deploying (and reclaiming) remote equipment. Following the Pandemic these are areas on which we continue to spend the majority of our time, and so we felt now is the best time to finally make the name change to Green Owl Tech.

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