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Our Structure

As a Florida Benefit Corporation, Green Owl Tech is an organization committed to the environment and the safe and responsible recycling of e-waste, including computers, monitors, printers, televisions, and everyday electronics. 

Our Past

We are a small company that opened in Pompano Beach, Florida on May 1, 2019. Most of us worked previously for a well-known nonprofit electronics recycling social enterprise that was in business for 17 years before it closed its doors in April 2019. 

We pride ourselves in our efficiency, and the transparent communication we've built over time with our customers, focusing on their needs no matter how specific.

Our Upstream Clients

Most of our clients are governments, consumers, non-profits, law firms, and private companies who present us with end-of-life computer equipment and storage such as Hard drives, Solid state drives, tape drives, floppy drives etc all of which are properly disposed of  through proper channels.


Our Downstream Customers

Having a goal to recover, repair, refurbish and reuse everything that is economically feasible means that we either donate or sell IT equipment to wholesale or retail customers.  We do this through our established network of wholesale buyers and through our online eBay store.

Making Music
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