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Green Owl Gives to Arc Broward

On January 27, 2023 Green Owl Tech donated four laptops to Arc Broward's Arc Educates Program for adults with disabilities and other life challenges. Arc Educates students will use the laptops while studying in one of three life-changing programs - the Animal Care, Entry-Level Culinary Arts, or Material Handler Certificate Programs.

"Our team is dedicated to being a part of the change, helping both local communities and the environment thrive," says Brian Ouellette, Founder of Green Owl Tech who worked with local businesses to obtain the donated laptops. Green Owl Tech's mission includes creating a circular economy for the reuse of I.T. equipment by refurbishing the computers and putting them back into use where they will receive a second life.

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Joseph Muir
Joseph Muir
03 avr. 2023

Happy to see this!

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